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May 22 2018






what if i told you that a lot of “Americanized” versions of foods were actually the product of immigrant experiences and are not “bastardized versions”

That’s actually fascinating, does anyone have any examples?

Chinese-American food is a really good example of this and this article provides a good intro to the history

I took an entire class about Italian American immigrant cuisine and how it’s a product of their unique immigrant experience. The TL;DR is that many Italian immigrants came from the south (the poor) part of Italy, and were used to a mostly vegetable-based diet. However, when they came to the US they found foods that rich northern Italians were depicted as eating, such as sugar, coffee, wine, and meat, available for prices they could afford for the very first time. This is why Italian Americans were the first to combine meatballs with pasta, and why a lot of Italian American food is sugary and/or fattening. Italian American cuisine is a celebration of Italian immigrants’ newfound access to foods they hadn’t been able to access back home.

(Source: Cinotto, Simone. The Italian American Table: Food, Family, and Community in New York City. Chicago: U of Illinois, 2013. Print.)

Stuff you Missed in History Class has a really good podcast overview of “Foreign Food” in the US.

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My dumb childhood self who barely even watched ygo had a wild imagination and thought that atem’s crazy colors came from the 3 egyptian gods screwing up his genes like:

Obelisk: So this is our hooman from the prophecy?
Ra: Yep, he will be. He’s not born yet. Let’s leave a mark on him for foreshadowing that he’s our destined wielder or something.
Osiris: Dibs on the ends of his hair. I should always be the one on top.
Ra: My part should stand out. The hair’s fringe should be yellow and some of the locks should stick out like my sun rays.
Obelisk: Uh… I’m mixing my blue with the red of his eyes then. If he’ll become pharaoh one day, then he should have the eyes of a commander.
Ra: Huh… Aren’t we overdoing it? His reincarnations or (possibly) hosts might get… affected.
Obelisk and Osiris: …..Nahhhhh.
3000 years later…
Yugi’s mom, holding her baby:
what the fuk

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//All you have is your fire//and the place you need to reach//

Here’s my favourite sadboy Caleb with my second ever attempt at mixed media 🌻

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fun guys 

now with color

May 21 2018

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It was just one baby.

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It wasn’t you – you were made to do it. It’s not your fault.

Nope. Still not over it. Dammit, Liam, this is your fault. 
[Link to photoset on Twitter]


much love & kindness but every time I see anyone say anything erotic about Charlie Day I weep with fear and reach for a weapon

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Marigolds for despair, and hope for healing.

I got distracted by making brownies partway through, and had to sleep a little bit, but Caleb is all finished!

Caleb belongs to @voiceofobrien
Art is mine!


if you’ve never been to pride before, this pride season i want to encourage you to give it a chance if you can and not be deterred by whatever scary things you may have heard on the internet. for example, i’m bi and i’ve been to dozens of prides, in big cities and small towns, and have never once had anyone demand to know my identity or suggest that i shouldn’t be there. god knows pride celebrations have their share of problems, but being out in public surrounded by other lgbt people having fun and being themselves is an incredible thing that you deserve to experience for yourself before you decide it’s too good to be true.

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queer eye (1x02): saving sasquatch



i wish i could be an illiterate 16th century milkmaid but alas. i don’t have the tits

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Billy: What is this? How did this happen?
[Charlestown, burning down to the ground in the distance]
Flint: How does anything happen, Billy? Move past it.


me: [considers coming out to someone]

them: [says something homophobic]


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tag urself fantasy weapons


bow: considerate, healing personality, gentle voice, attentive, open fields watching the clouds, constantly talking about love, thought to be lazy at times, always in their thoughts

sword: protector, adventurous, late nights looking at the stars, the warmth of a sunset, usually late but always with reason, amiable, the gayest one, overly idealistic 

dagger: frank but fair, the first smell of rain after a hot day, sleeping in, cold drinks, sensible, doesnt share much about themselves, cares deeply, needs caffeine  

axe: brave, persistent but stubborn, rather use action than words, loud and boisterous, unmannerly but always apologizes, kind hearted, really likes dogs, the sensation of finally lying down in bed after a hard day

lance: cautious, practical, dumbass passing, overly defensive at times, prefers sweets to savory, the first to offer advice, a safe person to be around, probably bi

staff: intuitive and careful, writing poems, mid day tea, not the most athletic, sarcastic and witty, over working, lack of sleep, loyalty, probably really into frogs tbh

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in this essay i will address how in media, creators often feel the need to convey a relationship’s importance through a relationship dynamic with precedence - the most obvious of which is with romance, to show the loyalty and care in a relationship through a romantic lense the audience is familiar with. however, in a heteronormative society this only extends to male and female dynamics. therefore, the shorthand for showcasing important same-gender dynamics tends to be based on the familial. this comes from the complete naive assumption that a same gender dynamic cannot be important without familial bonds, and of course the homophobic idea that it cant be romantic. 

and thats why when marnie was there came into my house and murdered me

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