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August 06 2017

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July 09 2017

the signs and their downsides


Aries: is both the protagonist & antagonist of their own life
Taurus: constantly torn between what they want and what they need
Gemini: doesn’t know how to function without stimulation
Cancer: they make “homes” out of people, and relies on others rather than themselves for a sense of security.
Leo: sees everyone as a threat or competition
Virgo has an all-consuming fear of insignificance and lacking in all forms (major preoccupation with proving their worth)
Libra: frequently loses their sense of self (by tending to define themselves by their friends & the people they surround themselves with)
Scorpio: extreme distrust in not only others but also in themselves, seeing their emotions & obsessions as treacherous
Sagittarius: has bouts of overwhelming loneliness and emptiness (and will do anything to fill the void)
Capricorn: can’t handle failure, it feels like the end of the world to them
Aquarius: has an existential crisis every other week
Pisces: constantly waiting for something to happen, having absurdly high hopes & therefore getting them crushed over and over again.


Everyone has a different perception of you in their heads and that is literally so scary and stressful like don’t think of me




at least a good 90% of the people who use “tunglr” as a slang for tumblr in their text posts are aphobes so maybe think twice before reblogging a post with that word in it

do y'all have jobs

In this aphobic economy?

d&d cryptid


a half-elf with a healthy relationship with their parents

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July 08 2017

Girls are the best they smell so nice❤💛💚💙💜

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Because sometimes what you need most is to watch a baby armadillo named Spock, yes, Spock (look at those wee Vulcan ears!), lapping up milk from a teeny-tiny bowl at Zoo Wroclaw in Poland:

After Spock’s mom, Hermonia, showed no interest in her newborn pup, zookeepers jumped in to raise him by hand. It took the keepers a little while to successfully get Spock to nurse because he wouldn’t drink from a bottle or an eyedropper. This tiny red bowl, however, turned out to be just right. By the time Spock reached 6 weeks old, he’d already tripled his weight.

Head over to ZooBorns to learn more about Southern Three-banded Armadillos and Spock the armadillo pup.

[via ZooBorns]

best, cutest ball.


the extent to which straight people don’t get gay humour is incredible like the whole thing is a satirisation of how gay people have been treated for years like the reason we say “___ is for gays only” is because yall have been going around calling everything you don’t like gay and we’re making fun of that dumb mindset and taking away the power of it and having fun and yall still come onto every gay satire post with this “what if straight people said this about you” like you have?? that’s why the post was made in the first place i don’t understand how yall are this oblivious it’s honestly baffling to me

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hey by the fucking way




when I was born Sappho’s spirit gently floated into my room & sweetly bopped my nose & that’s why I’m so gay

beth you’re so gay that it’s more likely sappho just full on decked you in the face

Sappho decked me as a baby bc she saw that I was real competition

Click here to support Help me break my last lease




Here’s the situation: I’m currently paying rent on two apartments and I need out of the first one.

This June I moved into a two-bedroom apartment with my best friend. The rent share that I pay is $752, which is very much affordable for me with my job at Whole Foods.

Unfortunately, June was two months before the end of my lease term in my previous housing arrangement, which was a student apartment building downtown. I paid $765 monthly. I moved in June instead of August because my best friend/roommate’s lease ended on June 18. If I didn’t sign the lease with her then, she would be forced to re-lease her last apartment and come the end of my lease in August, I would be left without a roommate and without a place to live.

My last apartment will not let me sublet my room without paying a $1,000 fee. They want me to pay so someone else can pay my rent.

I recently had to stay in a psychiatric facility (6/29 - 7/2, I can provide a note) and my parents are paying for my visit and part of my rent at my new apartment, so they can’t provide me with financial assistance.

After I pay rent at my current apartment (due today, 7/3), I will have $50. I can provide bank statements.

I get paid this Friday (7/7) which would allow me to pay part of the $1,000 subletting fee, but my monthly rent at the old place is due by Wednesday and I need to break this lease for good.

Thank you for your help. I can’t explain how much I appreciate it.


I get paid tomorrow (7/7) and will be able to cover $450 of the subletting fee. I just need help with the remaining $550. Please boost ❤️


i found out that if i keep the rest of my lease and just pay the rent (with late fees, $825) i don’t have to pay for august rent, so i only need $375 !! PLEASE BOOST! ❤️❤️❤️

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for anyone writing a personal statement here’s some advice I collated from countless sheets I have been given over the last three years. This is all sound advice, as I have written three personal statements and all of which have gotten me unconditional’s :) Good luck guys! 

July 07 2017


buddy i’m not the one insulting a cartoon child


i hope all lesbians and bi women get to kiss a girl this year

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asexual margaret thatcher moodboard

im starting to think tumblr is less a microblogging site and more of a procedurally generated content creator with the express purpose of eventually generating something that will personally kill me on sight and i have to say its getting pretty close to that




clouds rly are amazing. what are they made of? no one knows.


maybe! no one knows.

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