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February 05 2018

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I’m confused about who the news belongs to. I always have it in my head that if your name’s in the news, then the news should be paying you. Because it’s your news and they’re taking it and selling it as their product. But then they always say that they’re helping you, and that’s true too, but still, if people didn’t give the news their news, and if everybody kept their news to themselves, the news wouldn’t have any news. So I guess you should pay each other.”

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Of course just one of these flags (like 1 or 4) does not make anyone immediately an abuser but every flag can be used as a manipulation tactic.

These apply to all types of relationships not just romantic ones.



its wild to me that there are people out there who can actually complain about getting bad service. like, did you know if your package is late on amazon prime and you contact customer service they’ll give you a free month of Prime and a five dollar credit? ANY time that one of your packages is late? because I sure as fuck didn’t! I never thought to complain! an amazon employee could come in my house and beat me with a hammer and i’d just sit there and be like “its ok, it’s like this sometimes, i understand. the holidays can be stressful. i get it.” 

did you know it’s possible to complain about service errors without being angry? you can even be friendly and nice about it!

“hey, so i think i got someone else’s chicken fingers, i ordered the quesadilla. oh, the cook misread the order and has to remake it? ok, i dig, i’ll wait. you’re offering me free breadsticks while i wait? sounds good, thanks!”

DO speak up, DO be specific about the problem, DON’T be blamey or sarcastic or snippy. DO realize it may take time to fix the problem, DON’T turn down extra goods/services they offer to make it up to you.

mistakes happen. businesses have a procedure for fixing mistakes. apology items are part of that procedure; if you turn them down, it doesn’t look like you’re not mad, it looks like you’re too mad to accept their apology but too confrontation-shy to say so. i promise that when you accept the free breadsticks your server heaves a secret sigh of relief.

yesterday I was inside a burger king for lunch and it had a really busy drive thru when I came in. after I made my order an older guy ordered after me and we both waited off to the side. it was like a 5-8 minute wait iirc but he got so upset and complained to the cashier about “this is supposed to be Fast food! you won’t last here long! I want my money back!” so the manager gave him cash back and he left in a huff. not even two minutes pass by and his order was ready before mine was! when mine came up the cashier offered me fries and a drink for the wait. SERVICE PEOPLE WILL COMPENSATE YOU FOR ERRORS!!

February 04 2018

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new commission post for 2018! they’re open again >:) !!! pls commission me (winks)




a girl whos tummy is sore because she ate dairy: is a bit quiet
a guy:She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it

This reminded me of an article I read years ago covering some lolita event. The reporter wrote something about how lolitas claimed lolita fashion was non-sexual, but he found it hard to believe after seeing the way they “seductively nibbled on cookies”

I don’t remember what the article was or what event it was covering, but I remember that one line because it just, like, filled me with so much rage. Like goddamn, maybe they just wanted to eat some fucking cookies, its not their fault you got a boner over it. 

“it’s not their fault you got a boner over it” is such an important statement in way too many contexts

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Reblog the strawberry kitty for good luck!🍓🐱


My mutuals: making well worded arguments and analyses about films/politics

Me: Gay this. Gay that. I’m depressed.

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Hey guys, opening some commissions to help pay for my cat, Houdini’s medical costs. He’s my baby and I’m super worried, I really want to help him if I can. 

Email me at for commissions or info

If you just want to be a cool person, heres my Ko-fi for donations

My cat has an Instagram if you want to see more of this sweet boy -> Hello_Houdini

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Hilarious amazon review on this glitter bottle.  

Opinion | This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Angry


Just reading this is so scary what the fuck




Quentin Tarantino sucide challenge: Quentin Tarantino Kill yourself

^fucked up, and everyone that agrees with this is just as fucked

This man caused Uma Thurman to suffer permanent injuries, he choked her, he spat on her face. This isn’t me disliking him, this is me being completely disgusted at a world where he’s still allowed to exist and I for one am waiting for him to choke on a toe

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feelin’ good (they/them)

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