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June 07 2017




Bitch why you mad? Because allies pop severely and gays don’t?

What the fuck

I hate ace discourse so goddamn much

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This month, I’m gonna love and protect all my fellow asexual siblings, no matter what their romantic orientation is.

forrest gump: disabled ppl are treated like garbage and outcasts

ace community: no actually us

@dresdenbers remember our convo


me: there’s a sad girl in my coffee
barista: that’s your reflection
me: :(
barista: :(

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his first pride :) reblog if u support him






This is a rim job…

This is eating ass…

Know the difference.

this is jesus. follow him

Does he want his ass ate?

image you know he do



trump: *pulls out of the paris agreement, severely harming the current global efforts to combat global warming because he’s either too fucking stupid or too evil to see that it’s a big deal and also starts the process of wiping out net neutrality, an objectively horrible thing for everone that isn’t a massive telecom company executive and will cause untold levels of damage on our ability to communicate through the internet*


trump: *makes a spelling mistake on twitter*

media: OMG have you heard of 


look i really hate to be that person who takes anything seriously on this hellsite but i’ve had it up to about here with the “trump is an evil mastermind distracting us from the real problems instead of an unstable, senile old man with a tenuous grip on reality” conspiracy theories so i’ve just gotta do it today

# of nyt articles on “covfefe”: 27
# of nyt articles on the paris agreement within the past 7 days: 292
# of wapo articles on “covfefe”: 54, but most of them are short mentions in news roundup blog posts so i’ll let it slide
# of wapo articles on the paris agreement within the past 7 days: 288
# of politico articles on “covfefe”: 17
# of politico articles on the paris agreement within the past 7 days: 142

too tired already to get into the net neutrality issue too but the point is: if you’re getting all your news from twitter memes, of course you’ve heard more about covfefe than actual policy, but the root of the matter isn’t that journalists aren’t doing their jobs and reporting on the real issues, it’s that you’re getting all your news from twitter memes

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June 06 2017

it’s always something when i come back home

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i don’t want to be my mom’s emotional crutch anymore

hell i’m barely an emotional crutch i don’t share my personal emotions or feelings

she wants me to be emotional and empathetic but i am just Not That Way

i can give objective advise and that’s what i’m good at. but she wants out of me what i can’t give her and it stresses me theeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck out bc i have nothing to say than what i have already said 100 times “i don’t share my personal feelings, i just don’t and i’m fine with that”

she says she understands that i’m not like her and that i’m different but she STILL says that i should be more emotional

oh but i can’t tell her to toughen up.

and a bunch of other regergitated bullshit

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which jacob are you today???

Fearing for her life, Iowa Democrat abandons race to unseat GOP Rep. Steve King




The Democratic candidate running against anti-immigrant Republican Congressman Steve King (IA) announced Saturday that she is dropping out of the race for her own safety.

Hey so

Part of Fascisms early roots was using violence to scare away potential candidates against their power.

yo also this apparently too: 


@netflix: get rid of oitnb next

June 05 2017



I feel really heterophobic tonight :’)





if ur feeling desperately sad this summer, wait until it gets dark and half quiet and then open a window. cool air and passing cars are gonna heal ur heart. i promise

I’ll take “things people who don’t understand clinical depression say” for $500,Alec.

hmmm interesting theory considering how I’m on 40 mg of Prozac daily & see a therapist regularly bcuz I’m actively suicidal the majority of the time but sure, go ahead & be a dick on my light hearted post about something small u can do to momentarily relieve some of the crushing burden on ur life lol

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the pervasive obsession with yfip culture also leads to left wing politicians being discussed by tumblr radicals with exactly the same tone as conservatives. of course i’m not saying to not be critical of politicians, but there is a time and a place and an appropriate tone and if you really think that you’re helping anyone by nitpicking people opposing the right and expecting them to have never said or done anything wrong in their entire lives and voting for people from smaller parties you know won’t win or not voting at all out of “protest” then you need a serious reality check, you need to go out and meet the people whose lives are being most seriously affected by right wing politics and you need to see how they feel about your “they’re all as bad as each other” attitude, because if you’re able to say that, you have no idea how privileged and insulated you are

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u think she's hot now, just wait til she draws her longsword

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