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October 22 2017

me: *tumblr searches for country song to put on me blog*

tumblr: no results fam

me: *in a hissing whisper* sjjvfdghk these fucking hipsters know nothing





Unfollow me if you make fun of trans people’s pronouns or their identity

And unfollow me if you think it’s acceptable to misgender them just because you don’t like them as a person.

thank you for sacrificing followers to fight for me and many like me.

It’s not a sacrifice, IT’S CLEANING HOUSE




Just thought everyone should know, the four true human emotions were revealed to me in a dream last night and they are hype, shame, disappointment, and smugness.

might i suggest:

This addition makes me very hyped and moderately smug.


social media websites: we’re introducing a non-chronological way of viewing your timeline and making it the defau-


guess who is single and ready to


inject myself in with fictional worlds and characters because I crave intimacy and adventure but I have too much anxiety and too few social skills to form bonds with real people and achieve this dream




Please don’t let roleplay get in the way of your dnd game. Don’t intentionally make things harder for the other people in your party because its in character, because at the end of the day you’re the one who decides whats in character. Your in control of these decisions and if you purposefully make decisions that make the game unfun for the other players that’s


Hi! I don’t know why you play D&D, but I do it to have fun with my friends, not to frustrate/make things harder for them

All the replies to this totally miss the point that YOU CANT JUSTIFY THINGS BY SAYING ITS IN CHARACTER WHEN YOURE THE ONE WHO MADE THE CHARACTER!! And I wouldn’t want to play with anyone who plays dnd like that! You can make fun characters that are intriguing without being frustrating to play with! in fact its pretty easy to do that!

i made this post because one of the players at my table refused to take a short rest so i could recover my spell slots (i was playing a celestial warlock and was the party’s only healer) unless i PAID THEM and then when I succeeded in a charisma check they said it didnt matter because their character “had depression and didnt fear death… that they only cared about money”. And it put me in a bad mood the whole game! it ruined my dnd experience, and i had to go and apologize to the dm afterwards because i felt bad that i was being so sour! YOU DECIDE WHATS IN CHARACTER WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR CHARACTER, AND IF YOUR CHARACTER WOULD ACTIVELY WORK AGAINST THE OTHER PLAYERS OR MAKE THE GAME UNFUN FOR THEM,





i dont get the hate with greentexting outside of 4chan

it can take a statement like 

“wow its really pathetic that you dont own an avocado tree” and simplifies it to

A lot of racists use it outside the site

A lot of racists like to eat barbeque but that ain’t gonna make me stop eating delicious brisket because I ain’t a bitch

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This is the post dramatic thing I’ve ever posted on Facebook

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“we don’t really know how this stuff affects people” are you serious? TAKE WOMEN SERIOUSLY AND YOU WOULD.

honestly this illustrates perfectly the ridiculous importance of men standing up for women.

People see women as overreacting and dramatic while people see men as logical. Even if they are saying the same thing


New wave. Stupidgoth. Don’t care about existentialism or any ‘thinking’ shit we ain’t chumps!! Wear black cus I like it no concept behind it I look good that’s it. Don’t know math either

October 21 2017

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lunchtime ;3

October 15 2017

goog chrome should have a tab feature similar to art programs where you are able to lock a tab so you can’t close it w/o unlocking it

contacted amazon about my fucky shipping and asked for a refund and holy shit they upgraded my shipping and  took off the shipping cost ayyyyyyyy

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mood board

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The “nah I’m just kidding but someone on this site would say this” meme is abusive and gaslights people who don’t have the resources to read posts all the way to the end.

The experience of whiplash people undergo is unsafe, and it invalidates longer posts with meaningful messages. Hiding tonal shifts can cause harm nah I’m just kidding but someone on this site would say this

im going to fucking die

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This Armadillo girdled lizard biting its tail looks like a mini dragon (Source:

totes adoraboros

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sleeping with someone is literally tHE BEST THING EVER like having someone pull you closer when they’re sleepy and giving you soft kisses because they’re tired but still wanna show affection is SO GREAT

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